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Almost Home Christmas Rescue Donations 2017

Almost Home Christmas Rescue Donations 2017
This year your donations will benefit two worthy local organizations:
My Dog Eats First and Harvey’s House

Bring your donations to Almost Home Boarding and Training and we will disperse them to the charities after the holidays!

Wish list: My Dog Eats First

• Dog/Cat Food – wet and dry
• Heavy Duty storage bins for foodbank
• Ziplock bags 1 or 2 gallon and sandwich size
• Cat litter
• Animal food and water dishes
• Collars/Leashes/Harnesses of all sizes (new or gently used)
• Fleece blankets (new or gently used)

Wish list: Harvey’s House

• Paper towels, trash bags
• White vinegar
• Hay
• Feline Pine pelleted litter, Carefresh litter
• Printer paper, printer ink (Epson 220), Postage stamps
• Large rectangular litter pans and ceramic water bowls
• Postage stamps
• Gift Cards for greens from Kroger or GFS

PDF Flyer: Almost Home Christmas Rescue Donations 2017

About Almost Home

Almost Home is designed to be what we want for our own pets: all indoors, climate controlled with spacious runs, outdoor yards with 8 foot perimeter fences where dogs can be taken to and let off leash several times a day, and of course, lots of hugs and dog cookies for all.   For our kitty clients, they are boarded away from the dogs, with windows to a private yard where the cats can watch “cat tv” –  where birds, squirrels, chipmunks find plenty to eat and provide lots of entertainment.  We have dedicated and well-trained staff caring for your pets.
Our mission is to give pets a safe boarding experience and feel “Almost Home” while staying at our facility.  To allow pet owners to enjoy time away from home, content that their pets are receiving the best care possible.  To provide a professional indoor training facility, allowing interaction between pet owners and their pets.
Since its opening, Almost Home has been the recipient of numerous awards.




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