Whether you are visiting us for boarding, training, or Doggy Day Care, you will need to make reservations and register your pet.

Reservations are required!

Registration will require information to help us learn more about your “furry child” or exotic. Proof of current vaccinations are required BEFORE the day of arrival.

Almost Home Boarding and Training requires that all dogs be current on vaccines: Rabies-1 or 3 years; DHPP-1 or 3 years; and Bordatella-6 months or 1 year. However, there is still the possibility of your dog contracting certain illnesses, such as Bordetella aka Kennel Cough. Because of the various environmental and microbial causes of this disease, Kennel Cough is not a vaccine-preventable disease.

We are highly recommending you ask for the 3-way intranasal vaccine that protects against more than Bordetella (Canine/Kennel Cough), but also the other similar respiratory viruses: parainfluenza and adenovirus type 2.  We want them to stay protected.  A lapse in protection puts all our dogs at risk for illness. The CIV canine flu vaccine at your veterinary’s discretion.