Almost Home adheres to a strict No-Shock! Policy in accordance with The Pet Professional Guild.

The Pet Professional Guild is a membership organization representing pet industry professionals, like us at AHB&T, ” who are committed to results based, science based force-free training and pet care.” Read more about this Position Statement here:

This No-Shock! Policy is part of the overall ‘No Pain, No Force, No Fear’ philosophy of the Pet Professional Guild and Almost Home Boarding and Training.  At AHB&T, we do not use choke or prong collars, not only because we believe it to be cruel and unethical but also due to the large number of problems they cause which you can read about here:

Nor do we use pain or force with your “furry family member” under any circumstances, whether in Doggy Day Care, while boarding, nor in Training. We encourage all those who love and have pets to always inquire, no matter where you take your furry loved ones to board or train, as to whether any force of fear measures might be used with your pet before you leave them there. Checking that your pet’s boarding and training facility subscribes to The Pet Professional Guild and the ‘No Pain, No Force, No Fear’ way is definitely a good idea.