Our spacious cat condos have a  window view to the outdoors. The private yard is equipped with bird feeders and squirrel chairs.   Each of our multi-level condos have nesting ledges and privacy panels to meet your cat’s needs.  Our cattery is sound proof, so they have no fear of hearing barking dogs.

During their stay, we give each cat the chance to come out of the condo and investigate the room.  There are a variety of toys to play with and things to climb.  With the lower condo door open, they have the choice to venture out or stay in.  Only family members are let out together.  Because all kittens are curious and “busy”, they are given the chance to go out more often to play.

We look forward to accommodating the needs of you and your cat. No additional charges for medications.

Rates:  $22.00 per night. If you own more than one cat, the second cat in the same condo will be an additional $11.00 per night.

Kittens are welcome, although we do not accept un-altered adult male cats.