It is sometimes difficult to find a boarding facility that can take care of the needs of your unique pet and give them the attention they require.

Almost Home is one of the few boarding facilities to offer exotic boarding.  Rabbits, Birds, Guinea Pigs and any other pocket pets are welcome in our secluded exotic rooms. We have two secluded rooms dedicated to exotic guests. Rabbits have a entertaining  playpen to hop around in and get exercise.

Boarding at our facility, especially if your pet has certain conditions that require medication, we can monitor your pet closely.

We recommend that you bring your own cage and food for your pet, since most exotic pets have specific likes and dislikes and enjoy their stay more by eating what they are used to. We do have cages that we can provide and will give your pet the opportunity to come out of the cage. Rabbits and Guinea Pigs have an entertaining area in which they get their exercise.

Rates:  $20.00 per night and $10.00 each additional for rabbits and guinea pigs staying together. For other exotics the rates are $16.00 per night. For birds, the price varies from $16.00 – $20.00 depending on the size of the bird and care involved.