In November of 2017 Merck Animal Health, maker of the Bivalent canine flu vaccine, sent Dr. Jason Stull, a veterinary epidemiologist/infectious disease specialist from Ohio State University, to Louisville to visit any vet clinic, boarding, daycare or grooming facility that would invite him to come in and tour their facilities and talk about things that could be done to help with the Canine Influenza Virus outbreak in Louisville.  Louisville was one of the worst cities in the nation for CIV.   Almost Home invited Dr. Stull to come and inspect, discuss and suggest anything and everything we could do that might make a difference.   Almost Home met and exceeded all cleaning and disinfecting protocols that are recommended; we allow cleaners to stay on surfaces according to manufacturers directions for killing of viruses and bacteria before we hand scrub surfaces and wipe down when finished; we do not use hoses or any device that might aerosolize virus/bacteria particles  into the air when hit with water and we do not have trough drains in our facility.  Two years ago we installed UV light air filtration in our boarding areas to help control air borne viruses and bacteria.

On January 27th, 2018,  we attended a follow-up presentation sponsored by Merck Animal Health on the findings of Dr. Stull’s findings from his visit and the causes of the outbreak in this area.  Unfortunately, there are no new findings or recommendations from his visit here in Louisville.  The Canine Flu Vaccine is not a preventative vaccine (like the Rabies Vaccine), rather it helps to  control the spread and “maybe”reduces the symptoms and length of time dogs are sick.

We want to remind everyone that the dogs who previously received the flu vaccine could be coming up on their one year anniversary of their initial vaccinations.  It is important to get your yearly booster shot in a timely manner. Please contact your veterinarian as to the timing of the yearly booster to insure you do not go over the time limit, or else your dog will have to start over with the 2 shot series.

Thank you for your efforts in helping us keep all our dogs as disease free as possible.  There are  NO guarantees, but when we know something else that might make a difference we will let you know!