AHB&T’s Smart Start package includes:

  • Meeting Other Dogs
    • Your dog will meet other dogs at a pace that is comfortable for them.  They will learn how to greet, play, and interact with other dogs in a controlled and safe environment. 
  • Meeting New People
    •  Your dog will meet and be handled by multiple staff members in a rewarding and positive way
  • Leash Walking
    • We will start your pup on the right track with daily leash walking lessons. 
    • This includes one gentle leader custom fit to your dog
  • Crate Training
    • We will work with your dog to become more familiar with a crate as well as helping them associate crates with a positive and safe space.  
  • Nail Trimming
    • Nail trimming can be a very stressful event for many dogs.  We will help your dog be more familiar with the process and work into performing a full trim at a pace that they are comfortable. 
  • Meet the Groomer
    • We will familiarize your dog with all the parts of a grooming space. They will have the opportunity to meet one of our friendly groomers and interact with unfamiliar parts of that space such as groom tables and tubs. 
  • At Home Workbook
    • You will be provided with an informational packet to keep your dog on track at home.  This will include training guides for many common problems you may be experiencing with your dog as well as a comprehensive guide to potty training.
  • New Experience Training
    • We will help your dog become familiar and comfortable with things you may have problems with outside the home (walking on new surfaces, getting comfortable in a kennel space, being weighed, having their teeth and ears checked, etc.)
  • Name Recognition 
    • Learning their name is a key step into beginning training with your dog.  We will work with your dog on recognition of their name  (learning to look at you when name called)

More details:

5- week program  cost is $250.00 (for 1 dog)

5 days working with your dog each day they’re here, 1 gentle leader,  1 thirty minute private lesson 

Must come at least once a week consecutively 

Must be up to date on all vaccines:   Rabies, DHPP, Canine Flue, Bordatella.

Puppies to start need at least: 2 DHPP, 1 Bordetella, Start the Flu Series, Rabies when age appropriate (at age 4 to 5 months usually).