When boarding, dogs go out one at a time in our spacious yard.

Your dog will enjoy a spacious, 2-room, indoor suite with separate sleeping and living areas.  The living area provides enough space to play in between walks to the outdoor play yard.

Dogs will go outside in our fenced grass play yards for potty walks and play time a minimum of 5 times a day Dogs go outside one at a time.  Only dogs from the same family will go outside together.  Routine medications will be given at no extra charge.

Please bring the food your dog is used to eating at home to avoid stomach upsets associated with an abrupt change of diet.

To help your pet feel comfortable, you are welcome to bring something that has your smell associated to it.  We have plenty of comforters, blankets and beds to make them feel at home.  You may bring  beds, toys, treats and anything else they may like.  Bowls are not necessary.  We will not allow your dog to have any rawhide bones.

Rates are  $30.00 per night.  If you own more than one dog, a second dog in the same run will be an additional $15.00 per night.  There is no additional charges for medications, number of times they go outside or tender loving care!

We look forward to accommodating the needs of you and your pet. Afterall, we want them to feel safe and sound at Almost Home!